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Hey. I had a blast. It was plenty enough food and, the food was seasoned well and tasty. The bonus of it all, is that the crowd that showed up was GROWN. Everybody was so mature, friendly, respectful, and loving. This was my 1st time coming. I will definitely be going next year. Love you Angela.
Hi Angela... First I would like to say Thank You for the invitation. The 16th Annual Fish Fry was awesome my husband and I had so much fun and even though this was our first time attending we can't wait to do it again next year. But you don't have to wait until next year to invite us to your next event!!
Congrats on another successful fish fry !
Thank you for the amazing event you were integral in making it happen a few months ago. You are truly amazing and such a pleasant person to have met.
Make sure you let me know what you have going on. So very proud of you Angela. Do you also plan weddings?
Hello Angela, my husband and I wanted to stop by and let everyone know how kind, pleasant, and gifted you are! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all! Gilam family
Hi Angela!!!!! Just stopping through to show my support. Girl you be having me smiling and laughing and your spirit brightens my day. Many blessings to you and whatever you may touch. And your site is really nice! Okay Ms. Entertainment!!!!
Just stopping by to show my support and send love as you always do. Love you Mrs. Angela!
I love Angela Spirit. She is the most genuine and professional person I've met in a long time. I would recommend her to anyone. Keep up the good work Angie!!
I absolutely adore you Angela!! I pray you have much success! Enjoy your vacation!
Hello Angela, It is truly a pleasure to be apart of your team. You are one of the nicest, talented, and joyous entrepreneurs I have ever met. Keep up the good work in all you do, and may God continue to bless you and all of your endeavors.
Hey Angela!!!! This is Shauntae Moore from Piedmont Healthcare 5th Floor... It was good to meet you. Hope to see you at one of your upcoming events.
Yay!!! I'm excited to get my dance on!!! See ya there.....
Looking forward to the upcoming Xmas party
This is so awesome! Im very happy to have talked to you and very grateful to be attending your event this weekend. Your website looks great, blessings to you and your family!!!
Angie, Looking forward to seeing you at your Xmas event!
Looking forward to the upcoming events
I'm a friend of your brother I heard great things about your Christmas party
Hey Angela, It was nice meeting you. I look forward to networking in the future. Be blessed!!
Hi Angela. It was a joy to meet you! I look forward to your upcoming events, and wish you much success in all of your future endeavors.
Hey Angela, it was a pleasure meeting you from the first day I will look forward to coming to your next event. You big time!!!
Hey Angela, Nice to meet you and I look forward to partaking in the Upcoming events. Thanks Again
HEYY my work neighbor !!!...I sure your next event will be amazing !! the real PLUG !! :)..stay blessed my friend !!
It has been such a pleasure having you as a coworker. You are definitely one of the sweetest people I know. Your spirit lights up any room you enter. Hopefully I can attend one of your events in the near future.
Sending some love from the Piedmont Crew
I am so blessed to have met such a given, sweet kind-hearted person. Jukebox singing, Kool-Aid cheesing, Know everyone type of person who is just genuine. And I can't wait to attend one of your events :-) May God continue to bless you!
Hopefully will attend my first event.
I have always enjoyed Angela's events and will do my best to always attend.
Ms.Angela is a kind hearted person, always greet you with a smile. Tawanda
Lady Angela is so warming & I simply Love Her!! Best Wishes
Love everything that you are doing. Hopefully you can help me plan my next event...
Can't wait to party with you.
Nice meeting you Sunday at Mark
Angela you are the life of the party! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and seeing that radiating smile. keep the parties coming lady!
Hello Angela, Thank you so much for the wonderful Holiday Party on Dec. 19th. My husband and I rarely get out but when we do, we would like to be able to enjoy ourselves as much as we did on Saturday. Please keep us updated on your upcoming events. Thanks again.
Hello Angela, it was a pleasure speaking with you today. Your website is beautiful. I want you to know that I am praying and thanking God in advance for your sisters HIS stripes WE are HEALED. I place the BLOOD of Jesus over you and your entire family. I decree and declare that EVERY need is met. In the Mighty name of JESUS, your friend from the State ( DOR), Ebony.
Angela, During the time that I have known you, you are the most admirable, warm, giving and motivated person that I have met in quite sometime. You are always willing to give a hand and an ear to those who are in need. Your compassion will go alone way. I have truly enjoyed this time working with you! Believe me when I say that GOD has something wonderful in store for you. And when he begins to pour out his blessing you will not have enough room in your store house to receive it. AFFL, LaVone Deavers
I love your website and would love to attend an upcoming event!
Awesome!!!!!!!! I see ya friend
I am so very proud of you!
Nice meeting you,
Great meeting you!!
Let's plan my party!!
Looks like a great site. Keep me posted.
Everyone seems to have had a good time.
Robinson always shows people the real way to have a good time. Look forward to the next event.
I had an awesome time ready for the next event!
Congratulations Angie!!!
I have seen Angela turn this vision that God gave into a reality. I am truly proud of you and much success in the new year!!
Angela does an awesome job organizating fun-filled event!!!!
Very Nice,,,,,Great job,keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
Congratulations, this is definitely your lane.
Angela I am so proud of you. As long as I have known you since our MCI days, you have always been a go getter. Congratulations to you and keep doing your thing.
Wishing you continued success and God's blessings.
Congratulations Angela! May you continue to prosper in all that you do.
Someone in the family won the TV again. Joking. Great time this year!!!! See you again in December
Thank you for the invite, just keep me posted on upcoming events!!
Would love to attend the affairs, seems like everyone is having some classy , old school fun, right up alley Thank you
Thanks for the invite! I had beyond a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to attending another one of your events! This event was very professional and organized! Loved it and the gift card I WON…Yay! LOL
Angela, I look forward to every event you have. We always have good times!
Love the page. Can't wait until the next event.
Congratulations on your endeavors! Much success in all that you do.
Congratulations on your endeavors! Much success in all that you do.
Great job Angela much success to you girl!!
Love me some A & R entertainment, all your events are real adults having Grown up fun! And I can say that after ten plus years I have Never seen a problem at one of your events, Thank for having me out!
We are soooo proud of you Angie!!!!
Congratulations Angela!!!! Thanks for always creating positive and wonderful events.
Website looks awesome! Looking forward to future Angela Robinson Entertainment Events. Many Blessings on your future endeavors!
Congrats Angela!!!
Congratulations Angela, so very proud of you and your accomplishments. Wishing you continued success.
This is AWESOME! Congratulations and much success. I pray God blows your mind with connections and many events you will do.
You go girl!!!!
Congrats on getting your site up and running!!!
Congrats! Wishing you continued success.
Please forward me info on all up coming events.
Congrats Angie
Congrats Angie
Congratulations! The sky is the limit. So Soar
Way to go Angie!
Can't wait to see upcomin events! Congrats!
Great to see your website, I wish you great success in all of your ventures. Keep up the good work.
Congrats! Heads Ups for Kalah's Graudations Party/Dinner.!
congratulations lady!!!!
I'm so proud of my buddy Angie Robinson. Keep reaching for the stars. Everything you do turns to gold. 30 years of friendship means a lot to me. Keeps holding it down. P O P I love Ya
Love the website. Give me a shout if u need a band for one of your events. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
Congratulations Robinson...Anyone who knows you know that you are awesome at what you do!!!!!!!
Love the website; Congrats.
Keep up the good work i hope to see c you soon
Great job!
lets go Robinson!!!!
Congratulations May God continue to BLESS you☺
Congrats on your beautiful website!!!
So sorry I haven't made it to one of your events.... I will in 2015. Bless u
Congratulations Angela!
"Aint no party like a Angela Robinson party, cause an Angela Robinson party don't stop." My girl, my friend, my ride or die, I am extremely proud of you and what you have built. I will forever be ready to assist and serve with Angela Robinson Entertainment. It is because of you I have been able to practice the art of hospitality. Keep up the great work. I love you.
Glad I found the site and signed the guestbook. Can't wait to party!
We enjoy working with you. Keep up the great work keeping Atlanta entertained.
Angie, I'm so proud of you, for being able to put events together and keep them going. You started a project with an excellent foundation. I'm so proud of you, and your accomplishments, success and hard work. I Love you to pieces!!! Your Friend Forever KENNY!!!
Hi Angela, I'm looking forward to attending your party on the 20th of December. Shenita Woodard
Absolutely love your work, very proud of you!!!!
Amazing website!!!! I am very excited to see what A.R. Entertainment has in store this season.
I absolutely love all of your events. I always enjoy the music and the atmosphere. I look forward to the 32in Flat Screen T.V. giveaway at your annual Christmas party!
Angie your new and improved web site is really great!! I am honored to be the first person to post on your site! Because of you we are all able to get together and enjoy one another's company. It it truly "entertainment with a smile"!! Hugs and love